A Middle Aged Lady

Note to self, do not offer to dogsit the blind, deaf and slightly demented 15 year old dog again.

Remember that 2am and 4am and 6am wakeup whining’s are not conducive to sleep for a middle aged sleep deprived lady.

These are the nights that I wish I drank. A lot. Of wine. However, I dont, so getting up, falling over the dog, having to pick him up and then wander through the house, down the stairs, raise the noisy cranking garage door, hopefully not waking the neighbours and then alight the dog on the grass for ‘pee-time’ is all part of the joy of caring for the inlaws beloved furbaby whilst they holiday in more artsy and cultural climes.

These past few days have seen the beloved cat bond with the dog, who is approxiamtely the same size, but he of the blonde furballs can bully his cousin out of the way of the water bowl and the treat bowl.

They have lain together snuggly on top of my feet. Woe betide me should I move.

I look forward to returning this lovely but gas filled wee K9 to his mama and papa tomorrow and to sleep, uninterrupted and glorious sleep, the kind that a middle aged lady like me craves.


A Middle Aged Lady

I am a middle aged lady.

How the heck did I get to be this old?

This wrinkly?

Why did I inherit my grandmas forehead and crepe paper hands?

How did it get to be just me, sitting here with a cat wound around my foot and a visiting semi incontinent, blind and deaf, elderly dog at my feet, where I now fear to tread?

Don’t I have washing to do………….so much less these days as we are now empty nesters………..of one months standing.

Don’t I have to get out of bed and be productive?

Don’t I have to go and shave the three week stubble from my tree trunk legs and try and spot any undergrowth with these myopic eyes under my armpits?

Shouldn’t I get up and go for a walk with the deaf, blind dog and get a breath of fresh air?

These are the thoughts that today encumber this middle aged ladys mind.

Perhaps tomorrow there will be different ones……………but for now……………this is enough.